Baby Bjorn Original - Black Stripe

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BabyBjörn Original baby carrier is one of the most famous baby carrier in the world. All the baby carrier of this brand are based on this model reference. It was designed to carry baby heart-to-heart to provide such important optimal closeness between baby and parent from birth.
It has been designed in cooperation with pediatricians for using it from birth without using any adapter or additional cushion.
Age: From birth up to 11Kg.

- Easy tu use : Fits parents perfectly and securely with only a few adjustments.
- Provides very important closeness for your baby. Physical closeness and eye contact create an important emotional bond between you and your baby.
- Perfect for your newborn baby because it has been specially developed to give the proper support for the baby’s head, neck, spine and hips.
- Proper head and neck support with its adjustable and hard-wearing headrest.
- Vertical position liberates the baby's airways so that you can control his or her breathing.
- He or she is free to move his or her arms and foot that helps him or her develop his or her muscles, motricity and coordination.
- It is a small and easy-to-use baby carrier that is a perfect fit for your newborn baby. It fits parents securely and comfortably with only a few adjustments. It is easy for you to put on and take off by yourself.
- The smart safety click lets you know you’ve done it right. Thanks to the colored buckles and the smart safety click, it’s not possible to fasten the baby carrier incorrectly.
- The two-part design allows you to lift your sleeping baby out without waking them. Just unfasten both side latches to open the front completely.
- When he or she is 4 or 6 months, when his or her neck and back muscles have grown strong enough to support himself or herself his or her head, you can carry your child facing forwards (during short periods of time). Most of the babies really enjoy meeting the world around in secure contact with one’s back resting safely against mum or dad’s chest. It is a secure way to discover both wolds at the same time.
- Fabrics: 100% cotton machine washable at 40°C.

38,10cm x 7,62cm x 27,94cm.