Dwinguler Playmat Ocean - Large

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Size: 230 x 140 cm
Thickness : 15mm
Made in Korea

Dwinguler Kid’s Green PlayMat, made in Korea, has been created for kids. It is made of Eco-friendly materials, excellent cushion with various designs, and it is laboratory-tested to be absolutely safe for children.

The Dwinguler Kid’s Green PlayMat is the premium playroom mat selling all over the world.

Thanks to the proven quality, Dwinguler Kid’s Green PlayMat is used in 80% of the household with children in Korea. Furthermore, it is recognized as the eco-friendly brand that accompanies the growing stages of children of the world.

This eco-friendly play mat is especially designed to be used in kid’s room, living room, nursery schools, gymnasium or even children playrooms in shopping complexes, malls or hospitals. It is the product for providing optimal play space for children.

- We are using 100% environmentally-friendly materials. The Dwinguler Kid’s Green PlayMat is hygienic and easy to clean. It would keep kids safe and healthy from ticks that inhabit in fabric carpets.

- The Dwinguler Kid’s Green PlayMat has anti-slippery structure due to its unique embossing pattern design on the surface. The excellent soft cushion protects children from the hard impacts if any falling happens. It does not catch fire as easily as textile carpets or other mats made of different materials.

- There are alphabets and numbers for children to familiarize themselves with such symbols. We have children-friendly character designs that are attractive with vivid colours. It helps to develop the children’s awareness and emotion. Different designs are printed for each side, so you can create two different moods by just flipping it upside down.

Noise-Absorbing and Thermal Insulation
- As it consists of numerous air cells, it absorbs the noise from children’s footsteps and blocks the chillness from the floor.

The Dwinguler Kid’s Green PlayMat is tested to be:

Free from harmful heavy metal substances like Lead, Antimony, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Mercury & Selenium
Free from any toxic substances like Formaldehyde, Toulene, etc
Free from any endocrine disruptor such as phthalate
Pass the European Toy Safety standard


1. Korea's best-selling children's playmat,
2. Manufactured from the VERY BEST materials (exceed World Safety Standards)
4. Water-resistant
5. Non Slip
6. Easily roll up for convenient travel
7. Reversible Design
8. Noise absorbing

1. Aman -> NON TOXIC, anti slip & tahan air -> sudah memenuhi World safety standards
2. Anti alergi krn ga berbulu ky karpet biasa
3. Anti rematik hehehe... jd bs lbh nyantai maen2 di lantai
4. Bs digulung, jd memudahkan untuk penyimpanan & gampang dibawa kemana2
5. Design bolak balik, jd pd saat bosen dgn 1 sisi, tgl dibalik aja pake design yg laennya
6. Korea's best-selling children's playmat -> apa bedanya sama LG playmat, parklon, MK mat dll? Bahan busa nya beda, rubber nya jg beda Dwinguler dijamin busanya bs balik lg dan ga kempes. Sepintas memang terlihat sama, apalagi kl liat di foto doang. Tp kualitas ga mungkin bs ditandingi. DIJAMIN!!!
7. tested to US and European safety standards & passed the stringent EN71 European Toy Safety Standards