Fedora S9 White in Purple

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Fedora Stroller S9

Fedora Stroller S9 is Deluxe strollers with concept Sense, Travel system, self standing.

Features :

Dua facing mode

Stroller can be operated while baby is facing forward (forward mode) or facing the mother (backward mode)
Folding system

It has the sliding folding system that can be folded frame to frame smoothly and quickly at a touch of the button. The folded stroller is available for self-standing and requires less space that allows to be stored at your veranda or porch, and can prevent contamination of the seat.
Foot brake

It is possible to brake Fedora Baby S9 stroller easily by one-touch foot brake and you can easily see the braking and driving status through indicator equipped in the stroller.
Safety guard

The safety guard that operates from left to right and from right to left is easy to open and ride in the stroller while holding the child.
Adjustable 3 Step Sunshade

The sunshade combined with UV protection function is equipped with extendable auxiliary sunshade which can be easily adjustable in 3 steps.
Child observation window and ventilation window

You can check the status of our child’s ride in the Fedora Baby S9 Stroller through the observation window on canopy while driving, and you can also ventilate the air as there is a separate ventilating window.
5-points safety belt

The 5-point belt grabbing both shoulders, waist and between the legs at a time allows easy mounting and removal.
Shopping basket

Fedora baby S9 stroller has a built-in basket that is spacious and sturdy and can hold up to 5kg maximum and its zipper cover can protects the contents in the basket.
5 step Angle Adjustable footrest

According to the child’s stage of growth, you can adjust the angle of the footrest in 5 steps by pressing the buttons located at the left and the right of footrest.
Front Wheel Lock

Pulling up the fixing lever, you can fix the rotation of the front wheel and it’s easy to move only with the front wheel after folding the stroller.
Perfect-Base Frame System

The trapezoid structure of the base frame supports the safety of stroller from the surface under any environment.
The trapezoid shape is the most ideal structure that dispersers the center of gravity evenly as it comes downwards, by which the feel of the weight provides convenience of driving for mother and comfort of the seat for the baby
Hub Ball bearing

Herb bearing applied for fedora s9 is the ball bearing system used in the driving system like cars,. The balls in the bearing make it possible to drive the stroller with little power. As a consequence, Fedora S9 provides conveniences of driving while reducing the wrist burden for the driver who has to use the stroller for a long time
Spec :

Open (WxDxH) : 610 x 500 x 1010 mm
Fold (WxDxH) :610 x 930 x 930 mm
Weight : 10.5 kg ( Frame : 6.8 kg and Seat : 3.7 kg )
Boarding weight : 20 kg
Tire : F (diameter x W) : 160 x 45 / R (diameter x w) : 230 x 46
Product Material : Frame ( Ultraligthtaluminium ) / Wheel ( EVA )
Age : Newborn to 48 month