Sassy Go Go Book - Monkey

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Inspire Touch
Age: 6+ Months
Encourages baby to make believe & imitate adults- Phone flips open and closed encouraging fine motor skills- 4 colorful buttons "talk" to baby to develop cause-and-effect awareness- Light in center attracts baby's attention and offers visual stimulus Brightly colored books have attachable strap with Velcro closure
Black & white encourage visual development
Crinkle pages appeal to baby's sense of touch and hearing
Bold pictures and no words help adult make up story for baby in any language
Developmental Insight

Although preference for using the right or left hand will often show up during the first year of life, in some children it may take until age five or six for this consistent preference to become apparent.

Interaction Idea

At birth, the book can be shown to baby to help develop eye tracking skills. At 3+ months, baby can reach and grasp the soft pages and hear the crinkle sound. As baby's fine motor skills develop, around 6+ months, baby can begin to manipulate the book on her own, touching each page, developing a sense of "how books work."