We Made Me Soohu Sling - Deep Blue

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We Made Me Soohu Baby Sling Classic Superstar™ Black

The design team at We Made Me™ has retained all the fantastic benefits of the original 5-in-1 hammock-style sling, and seamlessly incorporated some new features that improve the product even further.

The Soohu Sling™, meaning ‘star’, is a revolution in design, comfort and simplicity.

Ideal for babies aged 0 to 24 months, this beautiful sling supports five different carrying positions, including two for discreet breastfeeding, and is the only carrier to offer the most natural babywearing position: the cradle-carry.

To provide the ultimate comfort for the wearer, the shoulder pad has now been split to allow the user to distribute the weight from the muscle onto the ball of the shoulder; this also enables the wearer to lock it into position around the shoulder for added security.

The other key improvement is the adjustment system, which is now one complete loop to make it even easier for the wearer to get the perfect fit when wearing baby. And with the addition of the new standard length, non-adjustable, safety strap to save confusion between the straps, the all new Soohu Sling™ is a much easier product to master.

Like all our products in the We Made Me™ collection of progressive carrying solutions, the distinctive design of the Soohu Sling™ considers aesthetics as important as safety and functionality. In other words, along with the brand’s signature cyan blue buckles, the Soohu Sling™ is a really stylish item of tailoring.

Key Features:

Designed to carry babies and toddlers (0?24 months| 3.6–15.9kg | 8–35lbs)
Supports five different carrying positions, including one discreet breastfeeding position
Provides the most natural babywearing position: the cradle-carry
One size fits all, fully adjustable in seconds
Handmade from 100% cotton that is both durable and breathable
Machine washable at 40 degrees
Includes a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects
Tested to Technical Report CEN/TR 16512:2015 and ASTM F2907 – 14b
The only baby sling with an extra safety buckle for added peace of mind
Minimalist design for the über fashion-conscious consumer
Cyan blue buckles create the signature feature of the We Made Me™ brand
Elegant, cylindrical packaging beautifully designed to double-up as a ‘box of memories’ for all those baby keepsakes
Mesh pouch that can be re-used as a handy ‘day out’ bag
How to Use

Becoming a parent can be both daunting and exhilarating in equal measure, so we’ve made our Soohu Sling™ Babywearing Guide (instructions) as simple and stress-free as possible, enabling you to get on with the very important business of bonding with your baby.