Aprica Karoon in Multi Dot Black

  • Rp 2.300.000 Rp 3.000.000
IDR 2300000
  • Berat: 30,00 kg
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Features :
* Reversible handle
* 2 blocks rotating wheels
* The compact folding, folded, has a stable position
* When folding back the baby head does not move and has stable position by a special mechanism «bed-maker»
* The back is expanded to a horizontal position (position beds), which makes possible the use of wheelchairs from the earliest days of life baby
* The seat piece, consists of a single piece of plastic veneer
* Seat wide, the chair of two carriages tapetsy WM-child takes the correct position while in a wheelchair
* Five-point safety belt, reliable protection from accidental loss of a baby
* Open Size : W480 × D720 ? ? 860 × H905 955 (mm).
* Folde sized : W480 × D275 × H975 (mm).
* Weight : 3.6 kg.
* For children from birth -3 years old and weigh 2.5-18 kg.

Aprica Stroller Karoon adalah kereta dorong bayi yang dibuat dengan berat hanya 3,6kg. Dibuat dari bahan yang kuat dan bantalan yang nyaman untuk membawa si kecil jalan-jalan. Dibuat untuk bayi yang memiliki berat hingga 15kg. Rodanya dan tiangnya yang ringan akan mempermudah Ibu membawanya. Meskipun ringan namun bayi tetap nyaman dan aman.