Aprica Luxuna CTS - Pink

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The Aprica Luxuna 2015 boasts swivel front wheels that make it a delight to handle. Well what happens when you swich positions so the seat is facing you? Voila! The front wheels will lock and the rear wheels will swivel automatically. It also has many features that both keep the baby comfortable and the parent happy. The very big news about this stroller is that you can use it with adjustable baby carrier.

Product Features:

Weight only 5.3 kg (very light!)
Seat recline angles: 120-170 degrees
High Seat of 55cm from the ground
Full range hood
One hand folds and unfolds
Multi-positions reclining seat
Solid belt pad in 5 point to avoid compression of the abdominal area
Reversible and adjustable handle
Ventilation seat system
Medical Growth Mamol, the cushion to support proper position of baby
Auto 4-caster wheel function
Ideal product frame designed with pursuit of maneuverability


Newborn to 3 years of age
Weight Recommendation: Up to 15kg
Stroller size:
Open W450×D825?910×H985?995(mm)
Close W450×D340×H980(mm)

Aprica Colan CTS Baby Carrier

Is sold separately