Aprica Luxuna Dual - Black

  • Rp 3.600.000 Rp 3.900.000
  • Berat: 35,00 kg
  • Availability: In Stock
Weight only 5.7 kg (very light!)
Seat recline angles: 120-170 degrees
Face-to-face style - It can be folded in both face to face and back position
High Seat of 56cm from the ground
Full range hood - capsule multi hood
One hand folds and unfolds
Multi-positions reclining seat
Solid belt pad in 5 point to avoid compression of the abdominal area
Reversible and adjustable handle with height adjustment system
Ventilation seat system
Medical Growth Mamol, the cushion to support proper position of baby
Auto 4-caster wheel function
Leatherette handle
Ideal product frame designed with pursuit of manoeuvrability
Compatible with Colan CTS as a Carry Travel System - sold separately