Babymoov Lovenest + Baby Head Support - Mosaic

  • Rp 330.000
  • Berat: 1.000 gram
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The Babymoov  Lovenest + is a preventative against flat head syndrome. It provides a real support for your baby's head with an adapted shape to avoid flat spot on baby's skull. The special inclination and shape guarantee pressure is distributed over the child's skull thereby allowing baby to keep a round skull.

In addition to this, it also reassures and soothes baby thanks to its holding cocoon effect that makes baby feel like its in mothers womb. The Head Support also ensures good ventilation during baby's sleep. Developed by Dr. Manuel Maidenberg, a leading pediatrician in France, you can feel confident your baby has the very best support. Suiting your baby from birth onwards, this will help to support and aid your baby throughout the night. 

Featuring thermo-regulating and antibacterial Cool Max fabrics, these unique combinations eliminates perspiration and helps to regulate your baby's temperature for maximum comfort. The wide and improved design features non-slip for added safety.

The Babymoov Lovenest fits within any bed, baby bouncer, carrycot, pushchair and more. 



  • Helps to prevent your baby against flat head syndrome
  • Provides support for your baby's head with ergonomic shape
  • Unique fabric composition helps to regulate your baby's temperature
  • Product developed by Dr Manuel Maidenberg, leading pediatrician
  • Fits in beds, bouncers, carrycots, pushchairs and more