Beaba Ellipse Bento Box - Stay Warm/Stay Cool Feeding Set (Plum/ Green)

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The Beaba Ellipse Bento Box has been created for an environmentally conscious parent. Placed below the plate is a plant-based material which keeps baby's food at the right temperature.

Product Includes:

Steam Cover
lid equipped with ergonomic 2-piece cutlery set

Product Features:

Removable suction pad for better stability
Elasticated fastening strap
Dishwasher proof.
BPA Free

The plant-based material pouch, can be used for the "keep warm" function either through microwaving the pouch or with the help of boiling water. Separately, the Bento Box can be heat up directly into the microwave as well without the plant-based material pouch.

The plant-based material pouch, can be used for the "Keep cool" function through freezing the pouch in the freezer or fridge.

The suction plate is also great to make sure the bento box stays in put when children are feeding on it.