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Rp 1.250.000
Rp 900.000Rp 900.000

Size : 76 * 50 * 84 cm

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Rp 700.000Rp 700.000
3 levels of play: scooter mode, ride-on mode, walker mode.
Fun sound effect with flashing lights and easy-grasp handle helps baby stand and balance

You'll be roaring with laughter and feelin' great with the 3-in-1 Grow-with-Me Lion Scooter from WinFun!
The Fisher-Price Roller Blocks Tumblin Zebra comes to life with silly hand waves as baby drops the roller blocks through the opening at the top and watches them tumble all the way down! Which foot will they exit through? That can change every time, keeping baby on their toes! Baby can also stack the roller blocks on the zebra's head or just bat at the blocks for lots of face-spinning fun! For providing so many ways to entertain baby, this zebra definitely earns its stripes!

Drop the roller blocks through the opening to make the zebra's hands wave up and down!
Baby can also stack roller blocks on zebra's head
Includes 3 colorful roller blocks for tumbling, spinning or stacking play
Grasping & stacking the roller blocks and drop-through play all help foster fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
Bright colors help stimulate baby's senses
Baby's actions make exciting things happen – a great introduction to cause & effect!
Suitable from 9 Months Up

This little monster is on the roll, encouraging fun crawl and chase play and making it the perfect match for your little one's developing skills.
Baby will learn that little action can make big things happen as they press down on this monster truck and see it roll.
Crazy hair, soft teeth and horns, bright colours, and rolling motion set baby's senses into freestyle exploration mode
Rp 200.000Rp 200.000
The electronic Concert Master Violin from Winfun® features eight keys, flashing lights, three activity modes, and seven built-in demo songs for hours of merry music making.

3 activity modes: Violin Fun, Play It Right, & Duet Fun
On/off switch & adjustable volume
Requires 2 AA batteries (included)
Material: ABS plastic
Package: 8.5" x 2.5" x 20" (21.6 x 6.1 x 50.8 cm)
Recommended for ages 3 & up
Rp 200.000Rp 200.000
Shape sorter cooker with frying pan and pot
4 fun, shape sorter foods
4 cooking buttons with fun words and phrases
Learn the shpaes and cooking methods-steaming, boiling, stir frying and stewing
Turning temperature control knob
Fun sounds and cheerful melodies

Rp 190.000Rp 190.000
Get ready to do some delicious baking
Bake button, timer and temperature control knobs
3 food buttons say some of your favourite foods
Includes a tray and 3 fun foods: cupcake, croissant and pizza
Fun sounds and cheerful melodies
Rp 160.000Rp 160.000
Fabulously Fun Afternoon Tea Set
Pour the teapot for fun sounds and flashing light!
Press the teabag button for cheerful melodies
Press the lemon button for fun sounds
Colorful, stackable pastries: cupcake, cookie and donut
This brightly colored wooden shape sorter is an exciting update on a classic toy! Toddlers can drop the dozen-plus vibrant wooden shapes--including a triangle, octagon, star, rectangle, square, trapezoid, hexagon--through the color-matched holes, then roll the drum along, open the lid, and start all over again. An early-learning powerhouse that encourages color and shape recognition, manual dexterity, and more!

Brightly colored shape sorter
Appealing new take on a classic early-learning toy
Shapes include parallelogram, quatrefoil, square, rhombus/diamond, oval/ellipse, and pentagon
Sturdy wooden construction
Helps teach color and shape recognition; encourages sorting skills, problem solving, and manual dexterity

Melissa and Doug Shape Sequence Sorting Set

This Melissa and Doug Shape Sequence Sorting Set will help your child to recognise colour, shape and size, and sort objects into groups. These are the “building blocks” of beginning math skills. What better way to explore these important concepts than with boldly colored wooden blocks and frame! Extension activities are included to explore form, fun and function all in one toy!
Top Pick For Special Needs

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

Tallest to Smallest: Remove all blocks from the sequence board and sort them into six groups, as in Sorting Activities. Ask the child to choose the tallest blocks from each group and line them up in matching spaces at one end of the sequence board. When this is completed, ask the child to place the medium blocks in the remaining matching spaces on the sequence board. With all of the blocks in position, ask the child to point to the tallest row of blocks, the medium row of blocks and the smallest row of blocks.
Add and Subtract: Place one or two blocks in the sequence board and position the sequence board in front of the child. Add one block at a time while guiding the child through addition problems. For example, you might say, “If we have one block and we add one block, how many blocks do we have in all? One plus one is two! What if we add one more block?” Point to each block, counting aloud. Encourage addition skills by continuing to add blocks.

Dimensions: 8.25? x 8.25? x 3.25?
Rp 260.000Rp 260.000
Rumble into the learning zone! Count and play with the Put & Take Dumper Truck by VTech. Pop a colourful rock into the magic hole on this cute dumper truck to hear numbers and press the chunky buttons to learn colours and tools. Includes 2 sing-along songs and 10 melodies. Tip the truck to play again!

Rp 330.000Rp 330.000
Musical activity cube with 5 note light up keyboard and flashing drum pad.

shape sorter

- Gender: Unisex
- Age: 6 - 12 months
- Dimensions: 20.55 x 20 x 20cm

This musical activity cube is packed with interactive activities for your little one.
With a five note light up keyboard, flashing drum pad,instrument buttons and reflective mirror, the cube will ensure hours of entertainment and learning.
The range of sounds include animal sounds and cheerful melodies and the wiggly sliders and turning gears promote motor skill development.


* Multi-activity cube in bright colours
* With music, shapes, sounds and activities to promotelearning and development
* Reflective mirror, sliders and gears
* Suitable for ages: 12+ months
Rp 210.000Rp 210.000
Cool Sounds and Flashing
Pull Handle back and press trigger to launch darts
Shoot up to 10 meter
easy to handle and reload
foam darts
Rp 160.000Rp 160.000
Cool Sounds and Flashing
Pull Handle back and press trigger to launch darts
Shoot up to 10 meter
easy to handle and reload
foam darts
Rp 130.000Rp 130.000
Cool Sounds and Flashing
Pull Handle back and press trigger to launch darts
Shoot up to 10 meter
easy to handle and reload
foam darts
Peek-a-boo animal friends
Lights, sounds, music and colorful illustrations
Turning pages or pressing sun button activates lights, a fun song, phrases and more
Encourages eye-hand coordination and early book-handling skills
Introduces cause-and-effect
This interactive snack set helps toddlers practice their polite table manners while they play with their food! Little ones can sort the snacks, utensils and cups into slots on their trays for advanced puzzle play. When toddlers interact and arrange the snacks on their plates, they'll be rewarded with fun phrases and songs that teach manners, matching, sharing, and more! (The "magic" plates even know what's served and what's missing!) If your child likes their snacks with a side of music, they can press a button for sung songs and playful tunes. Puppy & Sis are here to share the fun (and food) just push their light-up buttons to hear phrases that encourage sharing and manners. The Say Please™ Snack Set is made even more appetizing with Smart Stages™ technology that lets the learning fun keep going as your toddler keeps growing! Each level is full of different sounds, songs, tunes & phrases that fit your child's age and stage best. Level 1 | Learn At this stage, tons of hands-on activities spark curiosity and reward exploration with fun sounds & phrases. Level 2 | Engage In this stage, your child will hear simple questions & directions that encourage them to find familiar objects and more from Level 1 – rewarding them when they do for a job well done! Level 3| Imagine As your toddler grows, this stage offers fun imaginative songs & phrases that encourage early role play, helping your little one imagine themselves doing big things!

Advanced puzzle play with 14 removable play pieces to sort : 2 forks, 2 spoons, 2 cups, 2 cookies, 2 veggies and 4 fruits
Encouraging phrases & songs are dished out as toddlers interact with the fruits, veggies & treats on their plates
“Magic” plates recognize what’s served & what's missing
Press music button for sung songs & sweet tunes
2 light-up buttons featuring Puppy & Sis offer fun phrases that encourage sharing
More than 85 songs, sounds, tunes & phrases in all!
Monsters have feelings, too! Sometimes they're happy, sometimes they're sad, and sometimes they can be … SURPRISED! With just a bat, baby can send the little monster's roller face spinning and gets to see what each feeling looks like and how it sounds. (The monster shows baby that feelings can change quickly, too!) Plus, your little one will love how this monster feels, his textured ribbon "hair" and soft, squishy arms are fun to touch! Where development comes into play, Sensory: This little monster is sure to excite & engage baby's senses with his bright pops of color, fun textures & different sounds! Listening – Let those feelings out! Each expression plays a sound that helps reinforce the feeling, encouraging baby to listen & respond. Emotions & Self-Expression – It should be no surprise that this sweet face (or faces) & the sounds for each emotion help teach baby about feelings!

Baby can bat at the monster’s roller face for 3 different feelings: happy, sad and surprised
Fun sounds reinforce each emotion
Bright colors, textured ribbon “hair” and squishy arms bring this adorable monster to life!
Rp 300.000Rp 300.000
Interactive kids book has big easy-to-turn pages; nursery rhyme book comes with 6 classic nursery rhymes
Early education learning center build fine motor skills by sliding and twisting the fun play pieces; pre-K reading book has 40+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases
Talking book features 5 colorful piano buttons that make sounds and introduce colors and instruments; 2 modes of play: music mode and learning mode
Interactive toddler book is visually stimulating with bright pages and a light-up star that flashes with the sound; early learning toy is great for babies and toddlers
Baby book is intended for kids 3 to 24 months ; 2 AAA batteries included for demo, use new batteries for regular use
There’s a reason so many people watch “baby laughing” videos online -- laughter truly is the best medicine! When the giggles get going, it’s contagious. So, give your baby (and you) a heaping dose of fun with the Bop & Giggle Frogs! These silly pals reward baby’s play with six fun melodies and silly sounds. Baby will love pressing the paddles over and over again, watching the frogs bounce and wiggle. This toy is perfect for floor play -- both during tummy time, and when baby is sitting up. Take time to put fun first, with Bright Starts toys.

•Press the paddles to watch the frogs bounce and wiggle
•6 fun melodies and silly sounds
•Perfect for tummy time and sitting play

Manufacturer's Suggested Age: 6-36 Months
Educational Focus: Creative Thinking, music
The bright, playful illustrations, thick, chunky wooden pieces and matching full-color illustrations underneath make this unique wooden puzzle ideal for any home or classroom. 8-9 piece measures 9" x 12".
Have fun on the farm with this extra-thick wooden puzzle. It includes seven easy-grasp, chunky farm animals and a barn. Each piece has a full-color, matching picture underneath. The barn and animal pieces stand upright for pretend play. Encourages hand-eye, fine motor and creative expression skills.

7-piece wooden puzzle featuring farm animals
Pieces stand up for use as manipulatives or play pieces.
Chunky wooden pieces are easy for little hands to grasp.
Full-color pictures beneath the pieces offer visual clues.
Encourages hand-eye coordination and imaginative play.
Rp 330.000Rp 330.000
vTech Baby - Baby's 1st Smartphone

Here's a pretend, cute Smartphone with lots of features to get you baby talking!

Suitable for ages 6 - 36 months, the Smartphone features a cool sliding screen that changes the mode of play. Included are a home button, call and reject buttons and a chunky slider. The "App Mode" encourages baby to "call" their animal friends and interact with the 12 light-up app buttons to hear fun phrases about the weather, messages, sing-along songs and more. Parents can even program in their home phone number!

"Music Mode" introduces instrument sounds and popular melodies through an MP3 style screen, and lots of realistic phone sounds, cute phrases, animal sounds are included as well as flashing lights. Simple questions encourage interaction and discovery.

2 x AAA batteries are required, which are included. The big box measures 24cm x 15cm x 4.5cm and the Smartphone measures approx 16cm in length, longer than an adult Smartphone. Our 2nd image (below) gives a good impression of its size.
Model # 10068

It's a whale of a good time for baby's bath! Oball™ Tubby Scoop Friends™ feature the world-famous, easy-to-grasp Oball design that's easy for little fingers to pick up. This little whale is tons of fun as baby scoops, pours and spills water out of the geometric holes. The whale is joined by fun bath time friends including a sink and strain starfish, a turtle with a paddling shell, and an octopus that squirts. Those signature Oball holes aren't just fun to pick up, they're perfect water toys, as they allow for easy drainage. It's a brand new way to splash and play from Oball!


Easy to Clean

Strong, durable plastic is easy to clean


Wipe clean with damp cloth and mild soap.
Model # 10064

Baby will get a grip on playtime with this soft shape sorter’s easy to grasp Oball™ design. The Jungle Adventures Shape Sorter™ features 4 animal shaped toys and a soft, flexible shape sorter for sorting and matching fun! The animal shaped holes are soft, allowing for more flexibility. Baby will be delighted by this engaging and unique shape sorter.


Easy to Clean

Strong, durable plastic is easy to clean


Wipe clean with damp cloth and mild soap.

- See more at:
Model # 10307

This adorable unicorn gets baby moving! The Rock & Glow Unicorn™ from Bright Starts™ offers two ways to play: Chase me mode and learning mode. Touch the unicorn's magical horn to activate lights, music and sounds. Play to learn mode introduces baby to colors, shapes, numbers, letters and more. In chase me mode, the unicorn rocks and gallops around in various directions so baby will chase behind, and carpet won't slow her down!
Music, Sound & Lights

Entertains baby with fun sounds, melodies, and lights
Model # 10784

They are the coolest, girliest thing on four wheels! Oball™ GoGrippers™ Vehicles- Pink™ cars feature those signature Oball geometric holes that are more fun to pick up and easy for even the youngest, most inexperienced fingers to grasp. And don't let the eyelashes fool you - these easy-to-grip cars are rugged and virtually indestructible. These little girl-inspired cars roll easily and interact with all Oball GoGrippers™ toys. Great for on the go and inspiring more imaginative play times. Your baby girl will love getting her hands on her very first car!
Easy to Clean

Strong, durable plastic is easy to clean
Model # 10864

These cars are perfect for even the youngest of race fans! Oball™ GoGrippers™ Vehicles Race Cars™ feature those signature Oball geometric holes that are more fun to pick up and easy for even the youngest, most inexperienced fingers to grasp. These easy-to-grip cars are rugged and virtually indestructible. They roll easily and interact with all Oball GoGrippers™ toys and play sets. Great for on the go and inspiring more imaginative play times. These brightly colored cars are so easy to pick up, they're the ideal choice for baby's very first car!
Easy to Clean
Model # 10315

Cars bounce, zoom, and get lifted with a giant claw! It's the GoGrippers™ Bounce 'N Zoom Speedway™ from Oball™! This speedway offers the most imaginative way to play with cars the world has ever seen! A giant claw lifts the Oball vehicle to the ramp where it tumbles and crashes onto the Super Bounce Pad. Multiple ramps keep playtime exciting as cars roll a different direction each time. An outrageously Oball way to infuse imagination into playtime!
Easy Setup
Rp 220.000Rp 220.000
Model # 10313

Time to scoop up some fun with the Oball™ Go Grippers™ Loader! The scoop moves up and down so baby can move toys from one place to another. Life-like tires make this loader fun to roll. The signature Oball material is easy for little fingers to grip and play. This little loader takes playtime to a creative new level! It's time to get a grip on playtime!
Easy to Clean
Model # 10314

Transport your favorite GoGrippers cars in the GoGrippers Car Carrier from Oball. This unique carrier is made of that irresistible Oball material that's easy for little fingers to grip and carry. Open the carrier's side door to load and unload cars. The yellow button causes cars to roll and zoom off the back. Holds plenty of vehicles for transport, and two Oball cars are included. There's no better way to inspire a more imaginative playtime!
Easy to Clean

Oball has done it again! A dump truck made of that one-of-a-kind grippable, signature material from Oball that's easy to pick up and impossible to put down. The Go Grippers™ Dump Truck has an Oball cover that opens and closes and makes it fun to transport toys under the Oball dome. The truck bed locks so baby can lock little fingers in the holes and carry it around. Tires make it roll with ease and this little dump truck will carry your child's imagination to new heights! It's time to get a grip on playtime!™
Easy to Clean

Strong, durable plastic is easy to clean