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Rp 100.000Rp 100.000
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- 1 pcs Rainbow Loom size 24.5x4.5cm
- 1 pcs Mini Loom and Hook
- a bag of 600pcs mixed color rubber band
- a bag of 24 c-clips
- Manual instruction
Small books. Big fun!
These beautifully illustrated colouring sets are jam-packed with activities, coloured markers and stickers. All designed to keep little ones happy while mum and dad take some time out.
Each Piccolo Colouring Set contains:
48 colouring-in pages
2 storage drawers
5 sheets of full colour stickers
10 markers
Small books. Big fun!

These beautifully illustrated colouring sets are jam-packed with activities, coloured markers and stickers. All designed to keep little ones happy while mum and dad take some time out.

Each Piccolo Colouring Set contains:

48 colouring-in pages
2 storage drawers
5 sheets of full colour stickers
10 markers
Rp 1.150.000Rp 1.150.000
Model #: 52094
Part of the Having a Ball™ Collection!

Bright Starts™ just put a whole new spin on monkey business with the Having a Ball™ Hide 'n Spin Monkey™! This irresistible monkey will keep baby engaged and on the move. Press the bright lights on the monkey's hat to hear the names of colors. Practice motor skills by picking up balls and putting them into monkey's hat. Press the monkey's nose to see the balls drop into the Monkey's hat and down into the barrel and spin round and round. Watch the monkey hide in the barrel and come back up to play again! Open or close the leaf gates to control the ball-chasing fun and light up buttons allow baby to hear colors and shapes, along with silly monkey sounds and melodies. Baby can sit and play now, and stand to play with monkey later. Take the time to be silly, live in the moment and enjoy the best sound in the entire world - your baby's laughter. Bright Starts - Fun Comes First!™


• Silly monkey sounds, melodies and lights
• Light up buttons introduce baby to shapes and counting
• 2 ways to play: sit or stand
• Drop balls into the barrel, press nose and the monkey hides
• Drop balls into the hat, and themonkey counts and peeks out
• Leaf gates control ball-chasing fun
• Balls spin and roll
• Includes 4 AA batteries
• Includes 5 balls

Rp 75.000Rp 75.000
Model #: 81024
32 finger holes make this ball easy to grasp, catch and throw! This flexible, bendable ball is perfect for kids of all ages.

Smooth, flexible patented design makes the Oball™ soft and captivating for little hands
Perfect for kids of all ages
Additional features:

4" diameter
Assortment of 4, each sold separately
Model #: 81005
It’s catchy! The flexible Oball Jellies™ balls have a smooth, flexible design made to captivate little ones. This will quickly become baby’s favorite toy!

32 finger holes make this ball easy for baby to grasp
Smooth, flexible patented design makes the Oball™ soft and captivating for little hands
Perfect for kids of all ages
Additional Features:

4" diameter
Assortment of 4, each sold separately
Oball™ Rollie Rattles™ get the fun rolling!

These clever toys are designed to be easy for even the littlest hands to grasp. The clear rattle ball rolls and rattles when baby pushes it across the floor. And these colorful, charming characters add a little something extra!


Oball makes these unique characters super easy to grasp and roll
Teetheable, soft and flexible for little ones
Internal rattle ball for auditory development
Assortment of 2, each sold separately
Does not contain PVC, latex or phthalates
Model #: 81550
Rollie, polie rattles that your baby girl won't be able to resist! Oball™ Rollie Rattles™ are made of that unique Oball™ material that's super easy and fun for little hands to pick up. These little rattles are adorable characters that are teethable, flexible and make fun rattling sounds when baby shakes. All that - and they roll too! Baby will love rolling them across floors, tables, high chair trays and more! So easy to grasp, even the littlest hands can get a hold of these fun, flirty rattles designed just for baby girls.


Oball™ makes these unique characters super easy to grasp and roll
Teetheable, soft and flexible for little ones
Internal rattle ball for auditory stimulation
Model #: 81529
Baby will be stuck on this engaging toy that goes wherever you go! From dinner time to on-the-go fun, the Grip & Play™ from Oball™ attaches via suction cup to almost any flat surface including mealtime trays and tables. What a great way to keep baby entertained at a restaurant or at any mealtime away from home! The colorful Oball that's irresistible to grip, spins and includes rattle beads to spark baby's creativity. Not made with BPA, PVC or natural rubber latex. It's time to get a grip on playtime!™

Oball with rattle beads that baby can spin
Suction cup bottom that keeps toy in place
Model #: 81551
This handy toy with suction cup bottom attaches to any surface for keeping little hands busy at home or on-the-go. The Oball™ Grip & Play™ offers that irresistible, soft material that’s easy for little hands to grasp and a core that rattles. The Oball™ spins and the beads entertain with colors and movement. The strong suction cup attaches to any surface including strollers, high chair trays, tables, floors and more. What a great way to keep baby busy at mealtime or on-the-go!

Oball™ with rattle beads that baby can spin
Suction cup bottom that keeps toy in place
Rp 230.000Rp 230.000
Set Ring Basket Untuk Anak-anak.
Untuk Tiang Berbahan Besi, Bola dan Pompa sudah tersedia di dalam.
Untuk Pemberat yang berbentuk ban bisa anda isi pasir atau ait agar tidak roboh.
Tiang Bisa di atur sampai ketinggian 160 Cm, Lebar Papan 38 Cm.

Dimensi Barang
Panjang : 0 cm
Lebar : 0 cm
Tinggi : 0 cm

Dimensi Kemasan
Panjang : 32 cm
Lebar : 14 cm
Tinggi : 40 cm
Rp 260.000Rp 260.000
Get ready for take-off with the Bestway Helicopter Ball Pit. Kids can dive right into the action both indoors and outdoors - with 50 multi-coloured game balls provided and inflatable rotor blades allow kids to create all kinds of create play scenarios involving helicopter flight.
BRAND: Bestway
Model: 52183B
Size: 132cm x 79cm x 68cm
Rp 450.000
Rp 350.000Rp 350.000
Item Number: 629877
Age: 18 + months
This toy piano and toy xylophone in one is a roaring good time! Kids can tap the tones with sticks or use the keys! Music toys help develop a sense of rhythm and melody while improving fine motor skills. The included sheet music aids in cognitive development.

Tunes the Tiger is so talented, he can play happy melodies on his piano, plus cool tunes on his eight-note xylophone – he’s two fun instruments in one!


• Colorful strikers store under Tunes’ paws for safekeeping and handy cords keep them
from getting lost
• Colorful chimes
• Includes music sheets that have four fun nursery songs that can stand up in a special
Rp 90.000Rp 90.000
Roar-O-Rattle™ is a teether and rattle all in one! Lion's soft, textured mane provides teething fun at every turn. Rattle beads keep baby entertained and lion's body is designed for little hands to easily grasp and hold.
Rp 1.250.000
Rp 1.050.000Rp 1.050.000

This kids basketball set is the perfect size for toddlers. The oversize rim helps shots go in easier. The smaller basketball is easier to hold and shoot. More buckets mean more smiles! Kids can play cooperatively or competitively. Our basketball hoops are built with our legendary quality.

• Develops social and motor skills and coordination
• Base must be be weighted with sand (not included) for stability
• Includes 1 junior, soft basketball (color may vary)
• This unit does NOT adjust
• Assembly Required

Best for ages:
1 to 5 Years
Includes 30 interchangeable track pieces and 3 SmartPoint locations that trigger fun reactions when a Toot-Toot Drivers vehicle is driven over.
The possibilities are endless with the Toot-Toot Drivers® Deluxe Track Set by VTech®! With 30 interchangeable track pieces and multiple track configurations children can build an exciting circular track, or connect to other Toot-Toot Drivers play sets to expand their Toot-Toot Drivers world. The tracks feature 3 SmartPoint locations that trigger fun phrases, sounds and music when a Toot-Toot Drivers vehicle is driven over. Help your child to explore their creativity and imagination as they design their own Toot-Toot Drivers® world! (SmartPoints work only with SmartPoint vehicles) Encourages independent play and discovery & exploration.

Fantastic fun with the Toot-Toot Drivers Construction Site! Get busy with the Dumper Truck, move materials using the crane and lifting claw and watch them slide down the loading ramp into the truck!
With 6 SmartPoints and 16 varied track pieces which you can combine into different combinations for added fun. The dumper truck and other Toot-Toot Drivers vehicles react to the 6 SmartPoints that introduce fun phrases, sound effects and melodies. Interactive features include the cargo holder, shape sorter, turning disk and gate.
Includes cute Dumper Truck vehicle
6 SmartPoints that introduce fun phrases, sound effects and melodies
16 varied track pieces that can be combined in different ways
Cargo holder, shape sorter, turning disk and gate
Encourages role-play fun and imaginative play

Rp 258.000Rp 258.000
This interactive, electronic book includes 4 classic sing along nursery rhymes for baby to listen to and sing and read along to as they grow older. Includes chunky, easy to turn pages that recognise which rhyme is on the page, each time your child flips them over. Your little one will be engaged by the lights on the pages and songs, whilst developing recognition and memory skills.

Suitable for ages: 6+ months

Product Type: Education & Learning
Suitable for ages: 6-12 months

Model #: 52181
When we say Baby will love monkeying around with this toy - we mean it! The Bright Starts™ Roll & Glow Monkey™ rolls around the room with light-up wheels and frolicking music! Baby can chase and retrieve and start the fun again. Press the top of monkey's hat to get the fun started. What's more fun than a barrel of monkeys? This little monkey that rolls and flashes will get baby moving and laughing.


Press the top of the monkey's hat to start the fun
Wheels light up and music plays when monkey start rolling
Encourages movement
Model #: 60618
Mealtime has never been this much fun! Just add this engaging toy to your Baby Base 2-in-1™ tray and let playtime begin! The Ingenuity™ Spin-to-Engage™ toy attaches to your mealtime tray or any smooth, flat surface with a locking suction cup. The globe twirls the inner spokes and the tumbling beads rattle and jump. What a great way to keep your little one happy at mealtime or anytime. Designed with parenthood in mind.™

Interactive spinning rattle keeps hands and mind engaged
Locking suction cup easily secures to any smooth, flat surface
The globe twirls the spokes and beads to rattle as it spins
Easy to clean
Six chunky, colorful shapes to help baby’s fine motor skills take flight!

This fun butterfly friend comes with six colorful shapes for fill-and-spill and sorting fun! Even the youngest baby can remove the top for put-and-take play. As baby grows, fitting blocks through the openings on the shape sorter lid helps her develop important fine motor skills like finger dexterity and eye-hand coordination. And it’s so much fun to dump the blocks out and start all over again. It’s even a fun way to introduce baby to shapes and colors!

• Six colorful shapes that are easy for baby to grasp and sort
• Fitting blocks through the openings and matching block shapes help develop thinking and problem-solving skills – as well as fine motor skills
• Offers fill & spill play for younger babies!
• Introduces baby to shapes and colors
The perfect bedtime friend for baby! Soft and cuddly giraffe responds to a gentle hug or squeeze with a soft light glow and more than 15 minutes of soothing lullaby music. Then, the light dims…the music fades…sweet dreams, baby!

• Soft and cuddly bedtime friend helps soothe baby to sleep
• Plays eight lullaby tunes for more than 15 minutes of continuous music
• Gentle, comforting light glow
• Baby activates music and light with a gentle squeeze, introducing cause & effect
• Power/volume control
• Requires 2 AA batteries
Rp 260.000Rp 260.000
The Easy Stack 'n Sounds Blocks are a set of 3 oversized easy stack and easy grasp blocks that help strengthen baby's fine motor skills! Each block has bright colors, textures and sounds for baby to explore with a different animal face featured on each ball. The weighted ball inside each block helps to easily guide the blocks and stack on top of each other. And baby will love discovering the unique rattles and jingles inside each block as they shake!
Product Size: This product measures 28cm x 24.2cm x 6.7cm (W x H x D)

Batteries: This product requires 1 x AAA (LR03) Alkaline batteries which are included
Rp 750.000
Rp 600.000Rp 600.000
Item Number: 620720
Age: 18 months - 5 years
Add even more fun to your Little Tikes Cozy Coupe with this fun trailer. Attaches easily to any 30th Anniversary Cozy Coupe. Kids can hit the road with even more toys, stuffed animals and dolls.

Kids will enjoy hauling their favorite toys in the Cozy Coupe Trailer! This trailer attaches to the 30th Anniversary Edition Cozy Coupe for hours of play!

• Kids will have fun giving their favorite dolls, and toys a ride!
• Includes trailer hitch to allow it to be towed by the 30th Anniversary Edition Cozy
Coupe (not included)
• Trailer is designed for both indoor and outdoor play
• Solid durable construction
• Easy assembly
• Assembly Required
Rp 400.000Rp 400.000
Making music, playing with animal friends, keeping little hands (and feet!) busy—it’s all extra-fun from the start with a colourful light-up piano, a playful monkey friend, and four different ways to play as baby grows!

• Four different ways for baby to play!
- Kick & Play
-Tummy Time
-Sit & Play
-On the Go
• Three different play modes!
-Piano Play
-Animal Sounds
-Long Play, for up to five minutes of continuous music and dancing lights
• Easy to convert!
-Securely attaches to baby’s cot for Kick & Play
-Fold-out kickstand on back for Tummy Time
-Lays flat for Sit & Play
-Bead-bar handle for take-along play
• Busy activities for little hands (and feet!)
-Four light-up piano keys to press
-Circle button activates sounds & music, too
-Bat-at rollerball with rattle sounds
-Big bead bar with three easy-to-grasp-and-slide beads
• Lights, sounds and music help stimulate baby’s senses, and encourage baby to play
• Encourages musical creativity
• Requires 3 AA batteries
Rp 220.000Rp 220.000
1. Description:

-Infrared remote control steering wheel and car set

-Steering wheel controls forward and backward movement

-Beep the horn on the steering for honking horn sounds

-Press the button on the car for fun sounds and melodies

-2 Flashing headlights

2. Weight / Age Recommendation:

Age: 12 Months+
Rp 289.900Rp 289.900
Age: 6+ months
4-piece set fosters imaginative play
Buoy lights up when placed in water
Boat floats and squirts 3 streams of water
Basket hooks to plane and strains water
Rp 289.900Rp 289.900
6+ months
5-piece set stimulates baby’s imagination
Removable fishing pole for catching fish on or off the boat
Boat deck pops open for scooping and stacking play
Bobbing fish hook onto fishing pole
Stingray scoops, pours and strains water
Dolphin scoops and strains water
Rp 99.900Rp 99.900
Inspire Vision
Age: 0+ months
Helps develop vision with shiny flutter spinner
High-contrast polka-dot pattern engages baby
Slender center bar helps develop grasping muscles
Soft over-molded ball is a joy for baby to mouth/teethe
Colorful rings in center clack to stimulate hearing

Developmental Insights:
At birth, a newborn's eyesight is not yet fully developed and she is not able to see the full spectrum of colors. Red is the first color she will be able to detect. Other colors, specifically blue, are not able to be detected until 3 months of age.
Rp 175.000Rp 175.000
Sassy Fascination Station
Sassy Fascination Station is a miniature Ferries Wheel. With four separate sections, cute bug characters and textures , baby can explore and discover. Music plays whenever the toy is moved, so baby is really engaged. Suction to baby's highchair tray or any other flat surface

Why You'll Love It: Sassy Fascination Station is a take-along toy for lasting fun.

Age: 6 months and up

Spin, flip and rattle the ball
Detachable sturdy suction cup base
Encourages and develops thinking
Includes: Detachable sturdy suction cup