Coby Fence - Starlight

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Lots of mothers should have experience greatly that the baby under the age of 2 is always crawling around at home. Children seemed to have endless energy to explore the world, they also have no sense of security and the body ability to control is still in development. The Coby Fence starlight (8+2) can provide the children a safety and recreational space.


* Easier! Inside the @ box is neatly arranged, so it stays in the pull of the fence according to the shape and size of the room
* After it’s done, just wash it by turning it
* The color of the pastel is definitely Moms’ favorite
* Double lock door: so the door lock is 2, mother
* A more varied Board of Activities
* Has been registered and PATENT in the Indonesian Ministry of Brand DJKI (director general of intellectual property)


Panel size (1pc) = 36.5cm (L) x 64cm (H)

Door Rail / Play Rail Size = 73cm (L) x 64cm (H)

Play Rail (1pc)

Door Rail (1pc)