Cocolatte Carseat CL888 - Blue

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Cocolatte CL-888 Carseat is recognized as one of the best in the world for their safety, quality and comfort for babies. A distinctive feature of the other car seats in the group CL-888 is the most symmetrical made ??seat frame to provide maximum protection and comfort your child, increased back angle and is as close to the horizontal, which is useful and necessary for infants and toddlers first three months, as the mattress in This car seat is made ??as smooth and complete copy of the anatomical structure of the child. Therefore the child seat CL-888 indispensable and make truly comfortable and safe travel of your baby in the car.

* Ergonomical shape
* Adjustable back rest tilt
* Adjustable shoulder straps
* Adjustable backrest (3 positions)
* Head protection,
* Reinforced side protection,
* Soft , comfortable seat,
* Seat cushion is easy to clean,
* Five point safety harness
* The ability to use the direction of movement and against
* The European quality certificates ECE 44/04
* Group 0/2 (for child weighing up to 25 kg)
* Dimensions without Base (in mm) : 770 x 480 x 780