Comflor Fence

  • Rp 1.800.000
IDR 1800000
  • Berat: 30,00 kg
  • Availability: In Stock

This is a fantastic addition to the Large Comflor Playmat to give your little one a secure place to play.

Introducing the Comflor Safety Gate Playpen with its streamlined smooth-edged interlocking panel system with safe and secure yellow panel holders. Available in 2 great colour combinations: VIVID and SKY BLUE.

The Comflor Safety Gate Playpen has been specially designed to suit the Large Comflor Playmat of 2.1m x 1.4m and 13mm thick. These Large playmats are available in various design combinations for separate purchase. The 30mm thick panels are firm and sturdy, and when interlocked with the yellow panel holders, the playpen becomes strong and firm. It is an excellent quality play pen for babies and toddlers giving peace of mind for us parents wanting to provide a comfortable and safe space for our children to play and grow.

The gate has a top and bottom double-lock system for safety and security for little ones, and allows them to come and go into the play space as they please when they are older. The interlocked panels and right angle corner joints offer great strength and stability, combined with Rubber Feet to minimise panel movement on the floor. With its panel design, it allows for more panels to be added through additional kit purchases, catering for 2 or more larges mats. The panel configuration can also be adjusted to be square and other arrangements for unique spaces, making it beneficial for other uses.