Cooler Bag Classic Tote

  • Rp 375.000
  • Berat: 1.000 gram
  • Availability: In Stock

L x W x H : 26 cm x 16 cm x 30 cm

BabyGo Classic Tote Cooler Bag is a great choice for a mom who is looking for a cooler bag with a fashionable and classy design. Neo Cooler Bag does not only look great, but is also equipped with many features for your convenience

Upper storage compartment is made from high quality bright color and waterpfroof furing. Equipped with 3 rubber organizers, this bag is easily accessible and very useful for storing items. Now, using upper storage in this cooler bag, working moms don’t need to bring breast pump and expressed breastmilk separately. Breast pump, especially electric, can be stored in this upper compartment since it won’t be accessible and damaged by water leaks

Foil Storage is equipped with a net for storing extra ice gel. With fully insulated high quality thick foil compartment and a frozen ice gel pack, breast milk could be kept for 8 up to 12 hours, or more with additional ice gel packs. In addition, besides using it to store breast milk, moms can also store warm food for babies.

There are two pouches at the front and at the side for storing miscellaneous items, such as sanitizer, tissue packs, keys, extra battery for your breast pump, and many more. BabyGo Classic Tote Cooler Bag also comes with detachable shoulder strap for your convenience.