Dwinguler Soundmate Music Parade - Large

  • Rp 3.200.000
  • Berat: 17,00 kg
  • Availability: Habis
Size : 230*140*1,5

Swich on the dwinguler Talking Pen dan touch on the mat

bilingual (Mandarin and English!

* Back Ground : Expressed the feature of familiar objects we see in our daily life or on book,with the characterful and concentrative sound effect
* Introducing animal friends : Enterainingly introduce and express the sound of animal,various instrument playing, appearance, name and features.
* Name and playing of musical instrument : Name and sound of playing the musical that each character has
* Song : Song composed for each of animal character theme

( Feature of Back Side Design )
* Number : Learning the number from 0 - 10
* Song : Composed songs for each of instrumental feature
* Piano Keyboard sound can be charged to other instrument : Each of instruments can be played with 2-Octave piano keyboard
* Playing Piano : each of 2 - Octave sound
* Behavioural Expression : Add antonym words together so that learn by comparing the meaning of each objects
* Alphabet Education : Added sound effect for words starts with each Alphabet
* ABC Song : Inserted ABC song which is dung commonly all over the world