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Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy. Play games, sing songs, enjoy lots of learning fun with this cuddly friend. Teaches alphabet, numbers, parts of body & colours. Dog bone collar lights up to the music!

Gelang teether bertekstur, terbuat dari kain bisa di cuci, cocok untuk stimulasi indra peraba.?
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Baby's First Blocks now comes with 5 shapes to sort with a total of ten colorful shaped blocks. The sturdy, storage bucket with shape-sorting lid now has a handle! Blocks included are two each of cylinder, star, triangle, cube and plus a sign. Baby's First Blocks also has a label on the front of bucket with a colorful illustration.
Put baby in control of the fun—with a remote that’s just their size! Realistic styling inspires role play, while sing-along songs, tunes and phrases help baby learn about numbers, colors, opposites, shapes and more. Requires 2 AAA batteries.

Develop & Learn:

Light-up musical rewards
• Fun responses help baby understand cause & effect

Realistic styling
• Like a real remote control—inspiring early role play!

Lots of buttons to press
• Promote development of fine motor skills
25+ sing-along songs, tunes & phrases! Requires 3 AA batteries.

• Letters & Numbers
• Shapes & colours
• Sorting
• Manners and more!

Fine Motor
• Grasping 4 cookie shapes helps baby develop fine motor skills

Thinking & Problem Solving
• Baby figures out how to activate responses by placing shapes into the jar through 4 shape sorters, the belly or by pressing the lid.

• Teaches baby letters, numbers, sorting & more with songs, tunes and learning phrases. -
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The Sparkling Grow With Me Mobile toy from Fisher Price plays beautiful music that will help put child to sleep

Babies will get a calm sleep when sweet little animals reflect soothing shadows on the wall along with ceiling projecting enchanting starlight show


Soothing combination of lullabies, classical music and sound effects to develop auditory development
Gentle heartbest sounds help baby comforted and safe
Provides an entertaining array of sights and sounds for baby to enjoy before bedtime
4 modes of use - crib mobile, stroller mobile, musical crib soother
Removable, take along toys
2 musical modes - soothing music or heartbeat sounds
Requires 3 AA, 1,5V battery
Music plays up to 15 minutes
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A friendly light-up birdie pops out with a greeting, and lots of songs and activities keep baby busy! Press the light-up nose for a counting song, spin the dial to learn about night and day, turn the key, slide the beads, spin the clock hands—and pass the time with plenty of learning fun! Plays 10+ songs and tunes, with fun sounds, phrases and volume control for quiet play. Requires 2 AA batteries.

Times of day
and more!

Recommended Age: From 6 to 36 Months
Bat, spin, rattle—baby will find lots of ways to play with this toy! The friendly duck and frog spin forward or backward, and the snail’s shell rolls around with fun rattle sounds.
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The Fisher-Price Panda Rollerball Rattle boasts an adorable panda character featuring a colorful bead rollerball to keep baby engaged. Have a ball with a panda pal rollerball. Baby can bat at the ball to make the butterfly inside spin round and round. An integrated link makes it easy to attach to carriers and strollers for convenient on-the-go play.

Key Features
Cute panda pal
Features colorful bead roller ball
Integrated link makes it easy to attach to carriers or strollers
Great for on-the-go play
Brand - Fisher Price
Type - Rattles
Dimension - 17 x 9 cm
Age Recommended - 0 Month Plus
Items Included in the Package
1 Baby Rattle
Welcome to Puppy’s home, full of learning and best friends! Press buttons, bat at the roller ball, toggle the light switch and more, to learn about letters, greetings, weather and opposites. Shake Puppy and Froggy to hear rattle sounds, too.

• 40+ learning songs, tunes & phrases
• Learning activities for baby include an open/close door, peek-a-boo window, light switch, musical roller, numbers button & more
• Teaches letters, numbers, opposites, greetings & weather
• Activating learning songs & music introduces cause & effect
• Three modes of play: Learning, Music & Imagination
• Put-and-take play through the door, window & roof
• Shake Puppy & Froggy for rattle sounds
• Handle for on-the-go fun
Requires 2 AA batteries
Take classic stacking fun to new heights! Three chunky train cars are just the right size for baby to grasp and hold or stack, nest and connect. Stacking the cars from big to little or nesting one-inside-another helps baby understand size relationships and how things fit together. Roll them along to encourage pushing and crawling.

• Three connectable train cars with wheels

• Stack, nest & connect

• Chunky & easy to hold

• Cute animal characters

• Push the train & crawl along

• Introduces colours and letters

• Nesting, stacking and connecting all help baby understand size relationships & how things fit together

• Helps develop sensory skills, eye-hand coordination & more
Five sides of fun keep baby entertained! It’s just the right size for baby to grasp and explore busy activities—including a peek-a-boo door, squeaker lion, bat-at roller and butterfly slider!

• Five sides of busy activities

• Easy for baby to grasp

• Bright colours and fun characters

• Peek-a-boo sliding door, butterfly slider, squeaker lion and bat-at roller

• Helps strengthen baby’s senses and fine motor skills

Join two playful friends in the bath for floating fun! Baby can bat at the hippo and lion on either end to see them flip and hear them rattle.

• Floating lion & hippo – there’s a friend on either end
• Bat & grasp to see them flip & hear them rattle
• Weighted to float & flip
• Sized just right for baby
• Water/bath play helps strengthen baby’s tactile sense

Fine Motor
Sized just right for baby to grasp and bat; weighted just right to float and flip!

Curiosity & Discovery
A new friend with every flip makes bath time more fun for baby! Two colourful characters surprise baby at every flip!

Bright colours and rattle sounds help stimulate baby’s senses of sight and sound. Water/bath play helps stimulate baby’s tactile sense, too!
Look who’s talking now!

This adorable, classic pull toy has a friendly face and eyes that move as baby pulls it along on sturdy wheels

It’ll get them chatting—and strolling—like a pro!

Developmental benefits:

Promoting social skills

Smiling face and fun character provide an early friend for baby
Builds self-confidence as baby learns how to make things happen and gains confidence walking
Enhances learning through discovery

Helps baby understand the give and take of conversation
Fosters early imitative play as baby pretends to talk on the phone
Encourages developing motor skills

Enhances fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination as baby spins dial
Pulling phone while walking strengthens gross motor skills, balance and coordination

Rp 150.000Rp 150.000
Fisher-Price Pull-Along Turtle is a great infant toy sure to entertain your child
Features two modes of play
Fun bobbin' head action
Pull-along fun as baby walks
Child will explore colors, shapes and numbers

Fisher-Price Pull-Along Turtle is a great infant toy sure to entertain your child
Features two modes of play
Fun bobbin' head action
Pull-along fun as baby walks
Child will explore colors, shapes and numbers
Three colorful, sculpted animal friends – a hippo, elephant and crocodile – really stack up when it comes to helping baby develop fine motor skills! Your little one can stack them any way he chooses. There’s no wrong way to stack, so baby builds confidence while developing problem-solving skills! They’re just the right size for little hands to grasp and hold, and each animal friend is a different color – with its own unique sound to provide auditory and visual stimulation. The hippo even features a clear nose with colorful rattle beads that bounce around inside when shaken – a great way to introduce cause and effect!

• There’s no wrong way to stack these colorful animal friends!
• Stack ‘em, mix ‘em up, and stack ‘em up again!
• Each animal friend is a different color and has its own unique rattle or jingle sound • Just the right size for little hands to grasp, hold and stack
• Helps develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and more!
• Set includes a hippo, elephant and crocodile animal friend f
Ready, set, crawl! Baby will delight in chasing after this funny friend. As baby bats at the ball or rolls it across the floor, the cheerful Puppy wobbles on top. Silly sounds and music add to the excitement. More than 25 sing-along songs, tunes and phrases introduce baby to opposites, greetings and more. Requires 2 AA batteries.

• Great for tummy time, sit-at play and craw-along fun!
• More than 25 songs, tunes & phrases
• Bat-at puppy as he wobbles along
• Shiny mirror
• Introduces baby to opposites, greetings, first words & more

Self-expression & Confidence
Shiny mirror lets baby see his smile and encourages him to push up for tummy time.

Sit and bat at puppy to hear more than 25 sing-along songs, silly music and phrases.

Gross Motor
Crawl after puppy as he wobbles and rolls along!
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Rp 260.000Rp 260.000
Unlock learning fun with baby’s first set of keys! Pressing buttons activates more than 15 learning songs, tunes and phrases that introduce baby to letters, shapes, counting, colors and more. And, the light-up character face dances along to the music! Includes power/volume control for quiet play.

• 15+ learning songs, tunes & phrases

• Press buttons for music & lights

• Light-up face dances along to the music

• Realistic details & textures inspire early role play

• Teaches letters, counting, shapes, colors & more

• Power/volume control for quiet play

• Requires 2 AA batteries
How’s your tummy? Baby can help, with an adorable med kit full of interactive role play accessories. Press the button on the kit to hear sing-along songs, tunes and learning phrases that introduce letters, greetings and more. Open and close the kit to learn about opposites, too. Includes a med kit with a blood pressure cuff, rattle otoscope, clicker stethoscope and a learning card that introduces body parts. Everything stores inside, making it easy to take on-the-go!

• 25+ learning songs, tunes & phrases

• Two modes of play: Learning & Music

• Fun doctor theme inspires playtime imagination

• Includes bag with four role play pieces (blood pressure cuff, rattle otoscope, clicker stethoscope & learning card)

• Everything stores inside

• Teaches letters, opposites, greetings, parts of the body & more

• Volume control for quiet play

• Requires 2 AA batteries
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Surprise! It’s a cute little toaster with exciting pop-up action! Baby can press down on the toast to hear learning songs, tunes and greetings, and to see the toast pop back up. Or press the music button to release the toast as a fun surprise. The button lights up and dances along to the music, while baby learns about counting, opposites and more.

• Press toast for music & peek-a-boo play

• Learning songs, tunes & fun greetings

• Two modes of play: Learning & Music

• Button lights up & dances to the music

• Exciting pop-up action

• Teaches counting, opposites & more

• Inspires early role play

• Introduces baby to cause & effect

• Requires 2 AAA batteries
Now your little majesty can enjoy a throne of their own! You’ll love training your little prince or princess with the Royal Potty because it has a reward system built right in, and plays different tunes - a musical reward for your child’s potty progress. The royal potty can also be used attached to a regular toilet seat, complete with royal tunes (not recommended for use on padded toilet seats). And when your child needs to wash up after going to the bathroom, this potty chair converts to a handy stepstool! Perfect for helping your toddler reach the sink! Bowl removes easily for cleanup. Deflector shield included. The chair features removable legs for easy storage. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

• Sensor knows when to reward your child’s success with 4 royal tunes
• Potty ring removes for use on a regular toilet seat
• Splash guard for boys
• Lid folds down to convert to a sturdy stepstool—holds up to 200 pounds!
• Bowl removes easily for cleanup
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Baby’s actions make fun things happen—helping baby discover cause & effect. And there’s a peek-a-boo mirror for self-discovery, too! Requires 2 AA batteries, not included.

Fine Motor
• Spin, flip, press! Lots of busy hands-on activities help strengthen fine motor skills!

• Lights, music and hands-on fun stimulate baby’s developing senses of sight, sound and touch!

Balance & Coordination
• Sitting up for play, or standing, walking and pushing the lion along, helps baby develop balance and coordination, too!

Gross Motor
• Lights dance and music plays as baby pushes lion along, encouraging baby to walk.

And more …
• Two “grow with me” ways to play
• Light-up nose & musical piano keys
• Bat-at rollerball ears & cute clacker-bead toes
• Mirror with peek-a-boo flip page
• Colorful spinning dial & slider butterfly

The perfect naptime companion for the baby, this Ocean Wonders Soothe & Glow Seahorse is a huggable, cuddly crib toy that glows and plays soft music, lullabies and soothing sounds of the ocean that relax and comfort the baby till he falls asleep.
The music and lights start to fade slowly after five minutes as the baby gently swoons into a sweet slumber. With 8 preset lullabies and power/volume control, the Soothe & Glow Seahorse requires 3AA batteries to function and is recommended for children of all ages.
The perfect naptime companion for the baby, this Ocean Wonders Soothe & Glow Seahorse is a huggable, cuddly crib toy that glows and plays soft music, lullabies and soothing sounds of the ocean that relax and comfort the baby till he falls asleep.
The music and lights start to fade slowly after five minutes as the baby gently swoons into a sweet slumber. With 8 preset lullabies and power/volume control, the Soothe & Glow Seahorse requires 3AA batteries to function and is recommended for children of all ages.
Six chunky, colorful shapes to help baby’s fine motor skills take flight!

This fun butterfly friend comes with six colorful shapes for fill-and-spill and sorting fun! Even the youngest baby can remove the top for put-and-take play. As baby grows, fitting blocks through the openings on the shape sorter lid helps her develop important fine motor skills like finger dexterity and eye-hand coordination. And it’s so much fun to dump the blocks out and start all over again. It’s even a fun way to introduce baby to shapes and colors!

• Six colorful shapes that are easy for baby to grasp and sort
• Fitting blocks through the openings and matching block shapes help develop thinking and problem-solving skills – as well as fine motor skills
• Offers fill & spill play for younger babies!
• Introduces baby to shapes and colors
The perfect bedtime friend for baby! Soft and cuddly giraffe responds to a gentle hug or squeeze with a soft light glow and more than 15 minutes of soothing lullaby music. Then, the light dims…the music fades…sweet dreams, baby!

• Soft and cuddly bedtime friend helps soothe baby to sleep
• Plays eight lullaby tunes for more than 15 minutes of continuous music
• Gentle, comforting light glow
• Baby activates music and light with a gentle squeeze, introducing cause & effect
• Power/volume control
• Requires 2 AA batteries
Rp 260.000Rp 260.000
The Easy Stack 'n Sounds Blocks are a set of 3 oversized easy stack and easy grasp blocks that help strengthen baby's fine motor skills! Each block has bright colors, textures and sounds for baby to explore with a different animal face featured on each ball. The weighted ball inside each block helps to easily guide the blocks and stack on top of each other. And baby will love discovering the unique rattles and jingles inside each block as they shake!
Product Size: This product measures 28cm x 24.2cm x 6.7cm (W x H x D)

Batteries: This product requires 1 x AAA (LR03) Alkaline batteries which are included
Rp 400.000Rp 400.000
Making music, playing with animal friends, keeping little hands (and feet!) busy—it’s all extra-fun from the start with a colourful light-up piano, a playful monkey friend, and four different ways to play as baby grows!

• Four different ways for baby to play!
- Kick & Play
-Tummy Time
-Sit & Play
-On the Go
• Three different play modes!
-Piano Play
-Animal Sounds
-Long Play, for up to five minutes of continuous music and dancing lights
• Easy to convert!
-Securely attaches to baby’s cot for Kick & Play
-Fold-out kickstand on back for Tummy Time
-Lays flat for Sit & Play
-Bead-bar handle for take-along play
• Busy activities for little hands (and feet!)
-Four light-up piano keys to press
-Circle button activates sounds & music, too
-Bat-at rollerball with rattle sounds
-Big bead bar with three easy-to-grasp-and-slide beads
• Lights, sounds and music help stimulate baby’s senses, and encourage baby to play
• Encourages musical creativity
• Requires 3 AA batteries
Dengan Stroller Kegiatan Pals dari Fisher-Price dengan mudah menempel pada sebagian besar kanopi kereta dorong. Ini telah dikembangkan untuk meningkatkan keterampilan motorik sensorik dan sementara menyediakan hal yang menyenangkan untuk hiburan anak Anda.
Monsters have feelings, too! Sometimes they're happy, sometimes they're sad, and sometimes they can be … SURPRISED! With just a bat, baby can send the little monster's roller face spinning and gets to see what each feeling looks like and how it sounds. (The monster shows baby that feelings can change quickly, too!) Plus, your little one will love how this monster feels, his textured ribbon "hair" and soft, squishy arms are fun to touch! Where development comes into play, Sensory: This little monster is sure to excite & engage baby's senses with his bright pops of color, fun textures & different sounds! Listening – Let those feelings out! Each expression plays a sound that helps reinforce the feeling, encouraging baby to listen & respond. Emotions & Self-Expression – It should be no surprise that this sweet face (or faces) & the sounds for each emotion help teach baby about feelings!

Baby can bat at the monster’s roller face for 3 different feelings: happy, sad and surprised
Fun sounds reinforce each emotion
Bright colors, textured ribbon “hair” and squishy arms bring this adorable monster to life!