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Rp 725.000Rp 725.000
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Bring the beach to your yard with this a Sand And Water Table. This out door toy comes with a scoop, shovel, rake, boat, sprinkler, two funnels, spinning mills, and waterfall connector. It is easy to assemble and provides draining for the prevention of leaks.

- Separate compartment for sand and water playing
- Comes complete with spinning mills, waterfall connector, a scoop, shovel,rake, 2 boats, 2 funnels, 1 crab and 1 tortoise sifter
- Comes with non- toxic sand special for kids

2 - 6 years.

Product size
Length: 54 cm × Height 19.5 cm × Width 54 cm
Rp 250.000Rp 250.000
Permainan ketangkasan lempar gelang (ring toss) kini disajikan dengan lebih fun, terdiri dari 5 pasak warna warni yang bisa dikonfikgurasi menjadi 3 model. Masing masing pasak bisa berputar dari sumbunya untuk membuat permainan menjadi kian menantang. Tersedia 2 pilihan kecepatan putaran. Disertai dengan musik. Berat 2kilo. Kualitas plastik super, merk PlayGo. Menggunakan batre AA 3pcs.

Toddlers and children alike will love to play and explore with the Musical Ring Toss Game. With swirling sticks and musical tunes, this fun toy will have kids reeling with excitement every time!


* Musical Ring Toss Game.
* With musical tunes.
* Build different configurations.
* Bright and colourful.
* Swirling sticks.
* Suitable for ages 3 and up.
Freely design anything you wish with this dough case. Along with 3 brightly coloured dough tubs, there are tools to help you be even more creative in your designs 3 animal shaped cutters and a multi function cutting tool. Features: Sturdy storage and carry-along case. Safe and non-toxic. Washes easily from skin and clothing. Ideal for ages 3 and up.