Smart Trike Scooter T3 - PURPLE

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The T3 Scooter by smarTrike® is suitable for ages 2 and up, this Swiss designed two-stage scooter is ideal for helping kids gradually develop the skills they need to ride like a pro. The first stage is all about practicing and gaining confidence. The T-lock function is enabled, so the scooter's handlebars do not tilt. This helps children feel more secure while they’re learning to ride. The second stage is freestyle mode. The tilting mechanism is easily activated by turning the T-lock to the left, giving kids a little more freedom as they ride. No matter which stage it's in, the scooter is equipped with lots of features to keep your child comfortable and safe. The rubber footboard surface and handle grips help prevent hands and feet from slipping, and the easy-reach foot brake makes stopping a cinch. Thanks to the T-Scooter, your child will be cruising with confidence in no time! Pick one up today and get the fun started.

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