Sure & Secure® Custom Fit Gate

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Summer Infant Sure & Secure Custom-Fit Gate
The Sure&Secure® Custom Fit Gate is hardware-mounted for extra security and strength. It’s perfect for keeping your chidren safe and it’s also a wonderful room barrier for pets. It is JPMA certified and is the first gate to actually fit openings up to 12 feet with no other purchase necessary. It’s wonderful for petitioning off a large great room and other extended openings.
The Custom Fit Gate is great for unusual openings and can easily be configured to span unparallel walls, corner off a section of a room, or gate off the bottom of a staircase. Easy to clean fabric is soft, yet durable. The Custom Fit Gate features a convenient, self-locking walk-through door that allows for easy passage and eliminates the need to remove the entire gate or potentially trip by stepping over it. To create an extra large play area, you can purchase two of these gates and attach them together. It’s a great way to make a safe, secure, yet non-confining space for one or more children.
Hardware mounted
The first gate to fit openings up to 12’, no extra purchase necessary
Fits straight openings or unusual openings such as unparallel walls
Perfect for alternative areas such as a room corner or separating a Great Room
Convenient walk-through door
Fully adjustable to fit openings from 70” to 144” (178 cm to 366 cm)
30” (76 cm) tall when installed