Universal Stroller Hooks (2 pcs)

  • Rp 85.000
  • Berat: 1,00 kg
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BabyGo inc stroller hooks greatly facilitate your activities when carrying babies traveling or even when shopping at the supermarket.

A pack of BabyGo inc stroller hook comes as a pair of two hooks, makes mommy and daddy can carry more stuffs or groceries in their baby stroller.

In addition, babyGo inc stroller hooks has more features compared to any other stroller hooks.

First, each of our hooks is equipped with a safety clip to keep your stuff more steady and minimize the occurrence of theft

Second, our hooks are easily adjustable because it is made from velcro snap. This makes our hooks universal and can be hung in any type of strollers.

Third, our hook is flexible, it can rotate 360 degrees.

Fourth, besides it’s main purpose to carry your stuffs on baby stroller, these hooks can also be mounted in a car or closet to organize other stuffs.

Fifth, BabyGo inc Stroller hook can be used to hang all your babyGo diaper bag and also all kinds of bags that has stroler hanger.

These features make babyGo inc stroller hooks are very versatile, easy to use and multipurpose.