WinFun 3-in-1 Grow-with-Me Lion Scooter

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3 levels of play: scooter mode, ride-on mode, walker mode.
Fun sound effect with flashing lights and easy-grasp handle helps baby stand and balance

You'll be roaring with laughter and feelin' great with the 3-in-1 Grow-with-Me Lion Scooter from WinFun!

It can be used as a ride-on or pushed antepremergator, depending on the child's age.
-Moduri different - Jungle, Savannah, Lake Shore - which are activated by a switch on the front of the lion.
-Three buttons flashes lion head, which depending on operating mode activates different sounds and melodies. othing compares to a friend that you can rely on, especially when you learn to do first steps.

Leo -Premergatorul child is ready to provide stability since its first steps, encouraging progress with sounds, music and lights.
-Once walking is a sure thing, children can climb on the back of the lion and can walk all around.
-Dezvolta motor skills.
-Imbunatateste balance, coordination and motor skills as the child learns to push toy.